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Clinical case exhibition for

minimally invasive implant surgery using MagiCore

To highlight the <2020 AMII WORLD SYMPOSIUM>,

which will be held on October 25 at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, we will open the clinical case exhibition in the presence of MagiCore users and leading clinicians from all over the world.


We are looking forward to your participation and providing you with a place to share your clinical cases and surgical method.


■ Requirements

    Clinical cases of minimally invasive surgery using MagiCore

■ Application period

    2020.02.03 ~ 2020.07.30

■ Registration

    Download the PPT form attached to the homepage of AMII World

    Symposium, fill in the form with clinical cases, and submit it

    via e-mail.   




■ Composition of work

  1. The preoperative and postoperative data such as CT, panorama, imagery interpretation, intraoral picture, pictures after loading should be included.

  2. The detail explanation of data, the clinical history of patients, and plan for the treatment should be included


■ Information on awards

    First prize (for one person) – 1,000,000 \

    Second prize (for three persons) – 500,000 \

    Third prize (for ten people) – 300,000 \

    Participant engagement award – 100,000 \

    (There will be no award if participants fail to meet the minimum


■ Etc

    Prize-winners including engagement award will be exhibited at 2020

    AMII World Symposium, and prize delivery and awards will be

    proceeded on 25th of October. Submitted works belong to IBS Implant

    and can be used for marketing.

Enquiry: Assistant Manager of AMII, 


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