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Mission Statement

AMII suggest the future direction of implant treatment and the new standard for Implantology. Through scientific researches, trainings and educational programs,

we are providing patients with different treatment suitable for minimally invasive Implantology. And we will continually do its best in providing the world with an implant system that is desired and needed by clinicians and patients for centuries to come.

About Us

Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology (AMII)

The scope of modern medical treatment extends not only to clinical outcomes but also to patient satisfaction and long-term prognosis. Implantology is not an exception. For centuries to come, we need to be prepared to get modern clinical cases with Minimally Invasive Implant treatments resulting in faster recovery and good satisfaction of patients.


Unlike other implant system training programs, the AMII offers theoretical as well as practical hands-on training of the IBS Magic Surgical system and introduces the MagiCore which is specifically designed to be optimal for minimally invasive treatments to nurture clinicians who can perform minimally invasive treatments regardless of poor bone conditions or narrow bone width. They can be competitive in their practice as well as provide their communities with the most modern and advanced dental implant techniques and systems.


Join us now in our movement and become a part of the change. See what AMII is all about and what we are doing by attending the AMII World Symposium.

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